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ileolai said: "Saying that this has something to do with mental illness is not ableist." When you don't know whether or not the shooter was ill, automatically contributing their actions to mental illness IS ableist.

Why? It’s not saying that all people who are mentally ill are dangerous. It’s not saying that people who aren’t mentally ill don’t commit acts of violence. I don’t think it’s necessary to always immediately contribute all tragedies to mental illness. There are people who commit acts of terrorism, which are similar, who are perfectly mentally healthy. However, if you do research, or even think off the top of your head, can you think of one of these tragic mass shootings in which the shooter wasn’t suffering? I’m not trying to say that we should be afraid of mentally ill people or that they’re dangerous. I’m saying that we need to be aware that mental illness happens, that it is an illness, not a defect in character, and that we should help people, especially those suffering from paranoia, antisocial symptoms, and with violent tendencies, BEFORE it gets to this point.